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Joined on 11-14


Joined on  11-14


Joined on 11-14


Joined on 9-14

Oprah Segment feat. Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Watch Our Sisterhood group (MADS) tackle the evil game "Deadspace II"




MAVV is on a mission to eliminate all video games due to the increasing use of violence being used, negatively influencing our dear children.

Violent Offender of the Month
Say NO to "Naughty Bear"

As shown above, MAVV'S "Violent Offender of the Month" is currently the despicable, Naughty Bear. This menace of a video game was released in 2010 and features an innocent teddy bear gone rogue. The game starts off in paradise on an island with many teddy bears living in peace. It then proceeds to take the typical turn for the worst, as viewers see one of the teddy bears become shabby and mischevious, and they soon begin to dislike him. Naughty bear soon seeks revenge in various violent forms.


We, as mothers, simply CAN NOT expose our children to this type of game play. Demonizing a childhood stuffed animal is the perfect example of the increasing violence in video games everywhere. If a teddy bear can harm people with no punishments, than certainly our children will think it is OKAY. IT IS NOT. Please help MAVV in putting a stop to viscous games on the rise such as Naughty Bear. If not for mothers alike, do it for the children. 

August 02-17-23

No Game November

Join my family and others in taking a whole month off of video games. That's right, ALL video games. 


This month will be a month of encouraging board games and active play outside. Let's make it a fun one. 

For we can only beat video games if we stand together!

October 10-25-14


Pull The Plug Alternative Game Night


Start Date: 11/30/14

Time: 5:00-8:00 PM


Location: Barrington Country Club


Come join MAVV for a night of FUN alternative games! Engage your children in activities such as: pom-pom critters, water color painting, twister (for the more active children) and more!

Dr. Shefali Tsabary Seminar


Start Date: 12/13/14

Time:4:00 PM


Location: Solon Recreational Center (Conference Room)


Join us as we exctitingly welcome Dr. Shefali Tsabary leading a seminar on consious parenting (as seen on OPRAH!) This is one you certainly do not want to miss ladies!

EA Games Rally


Start Date: 1/5/15

Time: 1:00 PM


Location: Beachwood Playground


Help us rally against the terrible, violent games EA games has been producing, by handing out buttons and flyers in the park. They need to be put to a stop! and YOU can help MAVV!


* Refreshments will be served

MAVV Annual Child Intervention


Start Date: 1/13/15

Time: 6:00 PM


Location: TBD


Our annual intervention is approaching fast and we don't want you to miss out! You do NOT have to confront your child alone. MAVV is here to help you intervene with your child's video game playing. 

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